Genomics at the University of Essex

The University of Essex has made a strategic expansion into genetics and epigenetics. We now have seven faculty members forming the nucleus of a cluster of excellence in this area, with brand new laboratory and computing infrastructure. See our recent papers.

  • 01-05-2018. SeedVicious, a software dedicated to the analysis of microRNA target and near-target sites has recently been published by Antonio Marco (SeedVicious: Analysis of microRNA target and near-target sites)
    The software is available at: seedvicious
  • 01-05-2018. Jordi Paps has recently published his work on the ancesteral metazoan genome revealing an increase in genomic novelty. Read more at:
    Essex University Press
    Nature Communications
  • 19-01-2018. From the 2nd to the 6th of July, the University of Essex will organise the Essex Synthetic Biology School (ESBS). The Essex Synthetic Biology School  is an intensive 5-day summer course targeting students and early career scientists interested in learning cutting edge experimental and computational methods to design and build biological systems directly from world-renowned experts, working with bacterial, yeast, plant and mammalian systems, in fields such as cancer and healthcare research, as well as industrial, agricultural and environmental synthetic biology. For registration and more information: